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Soundwell (In Sweden Låta) is a little business aimed at bringing music making closer to everyone (including people with certain disabilities) , and give established music lovers new and exciting sounds to play with.  The owner, Anders Erkéus (me), has been active with this since the seventies, then working with the group Ljudlekslänken, arranging various events at festivals,  courses for people working with children and the children themselves,  interactive exhibitions and more. Part of the work was inventing easy-to-play musical instruments that could be built in a few hours and played together at the same event.

Soundwell was launched in 1995, including production of some easy-to-play  instruments for sale, while keeping up the other features.  Lately also building the web shop on this page, including good ready made instruments and sound toys to complement our own inventions.   For the international audience the instruments and toys for sale may be the most relevant  feature today.  However I would love to make an exhibition, instrument making workshop or similar anywhere, so please get in contact for that.

You can of course browse the Swedish part of the site with Google translate or a similar feature, to see more content about our work.


Anders Erkéus
anders {by} soundwell.    com
info {by} soundwell.     com

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Låta/Soundwell, Humblegatan 5a,
172 39 Sundbyberg, Sweden


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