The Mulitflute is twelwe flutes in one! You combine a mouthpiece with any of twelwe flute bodies, and in that way you can play a natural harmonic scale in any key. You just pick a pipe from the practical case and adjust it to the mouthpiece, and you have an overtone flute in the key you want. The pipes are clearly marked with their respective keys.

Here is a demonstration video:

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Here are two of the flutes used together, one in C, one in D:


The Multiflute is a real professional tool, a variation on The Stick. The Multiflute is twelve flutes in one! You can combine a mouthpiece with flute bodies of different lengths, and in that way, you can play natural harmonic scales in all keys. You just pick a pipe from the handy case and connect it to the fixed part, and you have an overtone flute (willow flute) in the key of your choice. The pipes are clearly marked with their respective keys.

Every pipe, that can be connected to the mouthpiece, have two scales, that you can mix. As with the Stick, you get one scale when you blow at different strengths with the lower end open, and you get the other scale when you completely cover the lower end. Refer to the description of the Stick.

With The Multiflute, you can play together with any kind of instrument in any key, using tones within the range of the natural harmonic scale. Thus the flute is, as the other of Soundwell’s instruments best suited for making up your own music as you play along. To let the instrument sound, use the tones that come, try different ways of playing and listen your way.

The Multiflute comes with a bent upper part, aimed att facilitating reaching the lower end of the longer pipes.

The available scales start with g , which is given by the longest pipe, and ends with f sharp, which is given by the shortest. With the longest pipe attached, the distance between the ends is about 30 inches (77 cm).. There is a table included, that describes all the available tones for the different pipe lengths.

Extra mouthpieces can be bought separately or as a variation here, for example if you want to prepare a change of key during a melody.



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