One hand recorder – Tabor pipe


With this flute you can play an ordinary scale with one hand. It is blown as a recorder.  In the middle ages the troubadours used to play a little drum wiht the other hand, and today it is also well suited for people with disabilities concerning moving one hand.  The scale can be played with only three finger holes. You get the tones by combining covering the holes and blowing at different strengths. It comes in a right hand and a left hand version in the keys of C and F. The C-flute has c:a 60 cm from mouth to the hole for the little finger, the F-flute 45 cm.

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Hear the one hand recorder.

Middle ages style:

Effort at Swedish folk song:


Additional information

Weight 0.070 kg
Dimensions N/A
the key of the flute

C, F

which hand?

right, left