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This has been an interesting job.  Translating all of the details of the Swedish site into English, fixing the issues with payments and shippings and choosing which instruments and sound toys I will offer the international customers. (Some of the stuff would be sent back and forth through the world unnecessarily I think 🙂 )

However, my unique instruments, such as the overtone flutes and the one hand recorder want to be used around the world, by people with certain disabilities and friend of sound in general. I also include various nice frame drums and tambourines, that I get directly from the makers in Sialkot, Pakistan.   On top of that some of the most unique sound toys I have found on the international wholesale market.

A little heavy is my big xylophone, (I call it the Raft) ,  so it takes some shipping costs.  But I have to include it, since it is the best tool I have for letting people see that they can have fun making music together without so much preparations, studies and exercises.

So welcome to enjoy some unique music making with Soundwell’s instruments.  You may even want me to come and have some workshops or exhibitions in your country. Don’t hesitate to call me then!

best regards

Anders Erkéus  Låta/Soundwell

info {at} soundwell {dot} com


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Some years ago my very special musical instruments reached out from Sweden into the world, through my home made site from 1995. My invented easy-to-play overtone flutes without finger holes or  one hand recorders with “ordinary” scales found their customers among different people, from professional musicians to people with certain disabilities.  Folk music performers who wanted to play overtone flute in different keys bought the exclusive multiflute.  It felt good to be able to offer these things.

Unfortunately, without my knowledge (!) ,  the payment provider (2checkout),  deleted my account and the orders ceased to come.   When I found out, I decided to create another, more modern layout and include an English page there.  I will also include some of the other instruments and sound effects that I sell to my Swedish audience, and some of the other texts, around my courses and pedagogical ideas.  So, stay tuned, and welcome!