We are surrounded by music. We meet it when we choose to listen to it and in the background in many environments today. And if we want, we can hear it in the sounds around us, in the songs of the birds, the whispers of the wind and the rhythmic clattering of the escalators.  And not least in silence, wherever we manage to find it in today’s society.



It is about sound, it is about listening and it is about communication. Music is a means of communication for everyone. We all have it within us, in the pulses and rhythms of the body, and in the melodies and colors of the voice. The ready-made music is based on these basic elements, and we can always return to these.

Some people develop special abilities to make music and offer them to all of us, for inspiration and stimulating experiences. But everyone can use music, for themselves or together with friends. Everyone can gain from returning to the basics of music, to rediscover it from scratch. Th e aim of Soundwell (Låta in Swedish) is to help you with that.

In the webshop you can see, hear and order instruments that are easy to handle and sound well, invented by us or from other sources. Some funny sound effects and sound toys for different occasions are added.

In Sweden we regularly offer courses and events, exhibitions and workshops for many audiences and situations.  Maybe you can set a translation program onto  this page, to see some of our offerings. If you ask, we can arrange something outside Sweden also. For grown-ups and children and any level of familiarity with music.

Welcome to Soundwell/Låta

Go with us!