Overtone flute – the Stick


With overtone flutes like The Stick, you get  the different tones when you blow with different pressures.  The Stick has two scales that you can mix, one scale when you leave the end open and another scale when you cover it with a finger. Through combining these scales you can get around ten different tones. The scales are natural harmonic scales. You can get it with a C scale or an F scale, both in a straight and a bent version, the latter to make it easier to reach the lower end with a finger.

Here is a little demonstration video with the C-flute:



Hear the overtone flute in C:


Hear the F-flute:


 The Stick is the little brother of The Snake , resembling a traditional willow flute . It is an overtone flute, a flute without finger holes, based on the natural harmonic scale, that you get when you blow it at different strengths. In that way, it is very easy to get started with, and it offers small melodies almost by itself, if you let it sound.

The true willow flute is made from branches at springtime in various folk cultures. This one, however, lasts all year round. It is hand crafted, all in durable plastics. 🙂 And because of it’s strength, it can be endblown, which gives a more direct sound.

The flute has two scales, that you can mix. You get one scale when you blow it with the lower end open, and another when you totally cover the lower end with your hand. When you combine these two scales, you get around 10 different tones to use playing. What you do is that you alternately open and close the lower end while you play. And you can get still further effects when you half-cover the same end, which lowers the “open” tones somewhat. After a little practicing you can play a very varied music.

övertonsflöjt, sälgflöjt The Stick is good for making up your own melodies as you play. In the beginning, don’t think to much about which tones that come, Let the flute sound, take the tones that come, try and listen along. Then it can behave a bit as if it actually is the flute that makes up the music. And you are there to let it through.

The flute also comes in a bent version. Thisis practical if you don’t have very long arms, because it makes it easier to reach the lower end.

It comes with the harmonic C scale. This Stick is 27 inches (69 cm) long in the straight version and about 24 inches (62 cm) in the bent version. . At request other tunings can be offered. A standard shorter version in F is available. A little instruction follows, with the tones involved described.

A truly professonal version of The Stick is also available. With  The Multiflute you can play the natural harmonic scale in all keys!


Additional information

Weight 0.080 kg
Dimensions 68 × 2 × 2 cm

natural harmonic scale in C, natural harmonic scale in F


bent, straight

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